Wednesday, January 27, 2010

She Speaks Horde

There I am, busily tanking Marrowgar, trying to figure out why the OT keeps on falling over in the dramatic Draenei way, dancing around the ice-ground-thingie, making sure the DPS are staying bunched up when, at the start of one of the whirlwind phases my friend, watching over my shoulder, asks "Have you used Bloodlust?"

Whirl-wind is about over, I and my OT are getting into position, I am racking my brain to remember this Bloodlust buff she's asking about. I dance around more ground-ice-stuffs, calling left or right to make sure the Draenai and I break the same way, and wrack my brain for this "Bloodlust" thing--and am drawing a complete blank...

Back to the whirlwind, finding enough time to ask "Bloodlust? I don't know it..."

"You know, shaman buff."

"Oh! You mean Heroism!"


Jasyla said...

lol. I play both Horde and Alliance and I confuse people by calling it the wrong thing all the time. My Horde guild never fails to make fun of me when I call for a Heroism.

Guthammer said...

I had a tendency to call for sandwich, actually.

More than once I would be giving the instruction "And pop heroism when KT emotes" or something like that, and bang! A buff or 2 would go up.


So between shaman and hero sandwiches, I just started calling it sandwich. It seems to work.