Monday, January 17, 2011

"Minor" Glyph of Intimidating Shout

Do you know about the "minor" Glyph of Intimidating Shout?

Nope? Well neither did I.

Old time players have a love/hate relationship with Intimidating Shout--it was great back in LBRS--because it could buy your party the time it needed to kill some nasty pull. Unfortunately, using intimidating should was much like throwing a large rock into a pond. A sure as the tide, mobs frightened away would come surging back most of the time with friends.

In the cramped and tightly packed dungons before Cata, while a well time Intimidating Shout might buy a few precious seconds to kill some hard target, it almost always ended in a wipe.

Cata has enough room that there are at least a couple of places where Intimidating Shout can be used and send mobs scurrying.

Glyph it, though, and prot warriors can worry a whole lot less about the effectiveness of their CCers--any party can burn down a lot of mob in the duration of charge, shock wave and intimidating shout.

I haven't tried IS as a DPSer, yet. I know that fear traditionally generats a ton of agro so IS could keep a DPSing warrior uncomfortably high on a number of agro tables, but glyphed it can go along way to help "solve" the problem of warrior CC.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In Defense of Lightwell

Cata has changed everything.

One of the biggest reminders of that is that Lightwell is one of the most potent heals in the game and a key heal that tanks should be aware of.

First a quick review of its behavior:

Its a Holy Priest talent.
It is on a 3 minute cool down.
It can be cast before combat--so technically it provides infinite healing per mana--because you shouldn't be pulling until the priest is back up to full. Even cast in combat it has a ridiculously mana efficient heal.
It has to be clicked on--but it has a HUGE click rage--15 yards. If you and your pack of mobs are anywhere vaguely near the Lightwell, everyone should be able to click it.
Lightwell has a limited number of charges (14 unglyphed I think, 18 glyphed) that apply a hot for 14k or so HP.
The HoT will stop if you take 30% of your HP as damage in a single blow--which is north of 35,000 HP in a single shot (after armor)--which is rare outside of raids.

When is the right time to click on the Lightwell?
Really any time you are taking damage is good. This is Cataclysm, not Wrath. Your HP pool is many times larger than any healers biggest heal. You will not be flash healed to full HP. I would say you are quite safe in clicking the Lightwell for a charge anytime you are down 50k HP (or 30kHP if you want to be aggressive).

I know the first couple of runs with the Former Horde Priest my situational awareness didn't particularly key on Lightwell and I underused it. Now I am quite aware of it and try and click a charge anytime it looks like it will help out the healer.