Friday, January 29, 2010

Doh! Moment

I was reading Larisa on the PPI about her Saronite Slave when I went, WOW! That is a good idea!

I mean I have 3 80s, Guthammer, the instant queuing, i245 or so tanking warrior, Freydina the paladin (ret/holy--not that I have any clue how to pally heal) and Eirena the priest (holy/shadow atm, but I keep on hearing how fun Disc is from She Who Speaks Horde). Frey probably has enough Emblems of Frost to get a Primal Saronite right now. Eire--I am not entirely sure, but this weeks raid weekly (or maybe weakly, considering the target) is Noth which will certainly help.

Now I am quite dedicated to running one a day as a tank on Guthammer--but that is rarely more than 15 minutes. Then I usually run around doing the tournament dailies while queuing as DPS--that nets me a good 400G a day. But considering that I was just saying I have fallen really behind on with my knowledge as a raid lead, grinding a heroic or 2 on my 2 healers, while upgrading them from the finest of Naxx gear, while getting more Frost Emblem gear for my main is a solution made of win.

Now if only I had thought of it.

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Anonymous said...

Made of win indeed. I brought my resto druid and hunter, and DK, up to speed and gear in LFD, to get saronites for crafting and it has been a major boon in terms of healing+dps practice, all the while being profitable (11xDailies to save 2k+ gold off each saronite? yes plx).

Also Blizz seems to be going on a path to favour alts more and more, so eventually anyone who only has a main and a lvl1 banker and nothing else will be lagging behind.