Friday, February 19, 2010

Wait..That Wasn't a Pug

Really, because I saw exceptional PUG like behavior from 3 DPSers on my server, in my freaking raid alliance, some of whom I have tanked for 3+ years ago.


Ok, I get invited by a guildy to a heroic (well actually I invite her to mine, but Reluctant Tree already has a group and She Who Speaks Horde has already done a daily) so I join her group. I find a DK, a second warrior (as DPS, arms) and rogue as we zone into Halls of Stone.

Reluctant Tree is not reluctant because of her skills--I remember thinking well of her healing in BC--but that she's relatively new as an 80 and being focusing on DPS for gearing. We convince her that, barring an ICC heroic, my 39k HP (WTF?? when did I get 39 kHP?) would be enough to do any heroic. The DPSer were at least acquaintances .

And off the freaking rails. Sure we could burst 20k DPS on packs. But Reluctant Tree only had 15k mana. And asked for mana time. I admit I was bad in not checking her mana between pulls myself. While she's drinking, and I am hanging out in back with her, the DPS pulls. And I save their bacon. And she saves mine.

Then rankwatch goes off, telling her that she's using down ranked spells. She asks for a minute to check her spells and learn where her buttons are. And the DPS goes off and pulls again--by the elder this time. And I charge in to save their bacon. Again. This time I blew all my cool downs as I figured Reluctant Tree was still nose in book, figuring out her UI.

These DPSers had mainlined "GOGOGOGO" and gave Reluctant Tree (and me) even less time than they would in a regular pug.

By the end of the run, while RT had managed to not let anyone die (I did miss agro getting on the warrior once, early on and got him flattened) I was one pissed off dwarf. The DPS treated us, or more specifically RT, horribly.


JAMES said...

unfortunately, that is the Norm these days. Great blog!!! i am prot warrior myself since vanilla and i used to love dungeon crawling even with pugs but with the pugs these days, i almost stopped playing altogether.

JAMES said...

i should clarify, not just pugs but the community in general has changed (devolved) greatly.

its seems every person has turned into an anonymous gearscore and every instance has turned into a gogogo aoe fest.

i know im a relic but i used to enjoy relaxing on the weekend looking forward to a 1-2 hour dungeon crawl i.e. BRD or Strat. Now if a dungeon lasts longer than 10 minutes ppl get peeved.

i do everything the same mark targets, los pull when needed, and wait on mana...even on dps. now i get yelled at for what used to make me a competent tank.

i really do enjoy your blog and it shows me outside my old fogie casual guild "The Ancients" there are still ppl who remember the good ol' days when the community was much more patient and helpful.

sorry for the rant lol.

Guthammer said...

I quite feel your rant actually. There really is nothing like tanking in a 5 man and the gogogoism and AE everything has done a lot to reduce the enjoyment those of us who don't want to AE tank everything--or live under the expectations that we should be able to AE tank everything.

Dread said...

If she was intent on DPSing and you were insistent on making her heal, at least let her get sorted out before zoning in. You should never make it a habit for DPS to pull for you, so you circumvent that by moving fast for them instead. Erego, let her dps, or give her time to get her stuff squared away beforehand.

Guthammer said...

I was all for giving Reluctant Tree time. The DPS, not so much :-/.