Friday, February 5, 2010

Don't Be Rude

She Who Speaks Horde has now transferred over to the Alliance on my server, as a deep cover spy, as she says.

Yesterday we ran a heroic Oculus together. She Who Speaks Horde accidentally pulled the Lay Guardian while we weren't all together and I, on my red drake, was at about 2/3s health and we had some whelp agro.

Not surprisingly, we wiped. The mage in our group, oddly enough in the lowest GS (I have finally installed it, as it does give some useful information--but nothing to bank on) said "FFS, a wipe", I asked him to apologize. She Who Speaks Horde owned up to the error. He didn't and someone, I don't know who, started a kick vote for the obnoxious mage, which passed.

So the obnoxiouse mage, got kicked just before the Lay Guardian while we were recovering.
I hope he enjoyed his DPS queue time for his 2 frost. It would have been perfect if his replacement didn't start with a "gogogo" when he got up to the top.

Can't win them all.

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