Monday, February 22, 2010

DPSing Naxx

I rarely get to DPS as Guthammer in raids. Its something I decided that I wanted to explore and maybe even master a bit (once I started using the Dungeon Finder and swimming in Triumph badges).

But even in my own charter I get slotted as tank--a lot. Saturday I got do DPS Naxx and without any of the administrative duties either. I have no clue how I did relative to my potential, but came out having done a reasonable 4500 DPS or so, per recount.

I also like to DPS the occasional raid so that I can have some insights into what the other roles are like in game. When I started this I was like "ZOMG! I have to follow the mobs?? They don't always follow me?"--which, you know, is a luxury that you do get as a tank in a raid. Most of the time the mob you want to be hitting will be following you. Handy that.

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