Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Modest Proposal: 1 to 10 SAN Project.

The proposal springs from the fact that we know 2 things, rather recently: that 70% of the players never make it past level 10 and that we know a lot of bloggers are rolling new alts for SAN. And conveniently we have Horde and Alliance side SANs.

While I am sure that Blizzard is more than capable of reviewing the 1-10 experience themselves, I am sure they would love to hear what we think. So, I suggest we SANners start a blog project--if you roll up a newbie on Argent Dawn try thinking like a newbie and see what you think of the experience. Would you keep on playing WoW?

I suggest we call it the SAN 1 to 10 Project. You can even tag the race and class combo at the end of the title.

Since my blog has all of 1 follower and not too many readers I will forward this on to Tamirand and Miss Medicina.


Kristi said...

Well, my first SAN toon (Shanssa, Night Elf Druid) currently stands at level 9.4 so I would have to start again to do this... but my impressions of recent changes the Night Elf starting area were 1) Empty apart from other SANners; and 2) No hostile mobs AT ALL anymore, not even the lvl 5 giant spider, and 3) Every new ability now appears on your cast bar, not just your spellbook. That includes Track Herbs! Makes it much harder to not notice gaining your first ten spells.

Would this have encouraged me to play further than otherwise? For me personally, no. I do recall frustration with kill steals when I first began playing, but a busy area is more alive than an empty one. And dangerous mobs make things exciting, don't they?

A friend who tried WoW recently quit immediately citing travel time as being boring. It's great that you can get a mount at level 20 now but perhaps upping run speed from the beginning would have worked better.

Anonymous said...

I like to think we would keep playing after level 10 as we did before, when it was a little more difficult to enjoy ^^

Guthammer said...


I don't see any reason you can't mentally go through what you did through 9.4 and write that up. And its a really big topic. I am sure we SANners could write a book or 2 just on the 1-10 UI.


I see no reason to stop playing at 10, just write that up as a discreet bit that we can talk about and maybe Blizzard can look at.

Jasyla said...

That's an interesting idea, but I find it almost impossible to think like a newbie. Sure, the first two levels on my druid where I had all of 2 spells weren't too interesting, but I knew that it would take all of 20 minutes to level up a few times and get some new spells.

Plus, the lively guild chat of SAN makes the experience much more entertaining. If I was levelling on my own without a guild, it would be a much different experience.